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The 3 Levels of Attraction: From Tao of BadAss

Now that we know that all out of the way, let's go back to the first phase: the attraction. There are three levels within the attraction, called the introduction, which shows a high value, and they are. Let us examine in more detail at any of them. Remeber, these are the three levels of attraction from the tao of badass by joshua pellicer.

Many people think that the introduction of means for a girl say "Hello" and your name. While this may be called "present" are defined, it is not the implementation phase. Indeed, which is the greatest attraction of opposite phase ignored completely and quickly directly at the interface. 
Adăugați o legendă
Introduction actually happens before open the mouth. Introduction It is becoming a "blip on the radar" of the human being, which is the interaction. It is the first time someone realizes that you exist. Suppose you have never heard of my friend James. Not knowing existed before, but now I'm talking about him, he is on the radar. They are aware of their presence. You may not know anything about him except that he's my friend and his name is James, but James somehow, now that was introduced.

Since the subconscious of people are hyper intelligent, we are able to see situations over which they do a lot of information and powerful precise evaluations and in connection with them.

At the beginning of an interaction, we see a person closely associated and have full information about everything available to us so that we can begin to form an opinion on them. Men and women are seen in general, for different things, but the procedure is the same. Once you have collected as much information as possible, we make an immediate assessment of him as a "pre-trial". Pre-trial is not necessarily an advantage because the strong opinions can be wrong often and opinions on this subject often differ among people, but people naturally do everything. A pre-trial was personally tested and proven to be true is simply a call attempt.

There are several sources of information, the unconscious during this process read people. We read body language to see if anyone is dominant or submissive. We read the level of need for someone. Decrypted when a person is trying to get something from someone or someone. We view the value of a person and to determine whether it is six, seven, eight, nine or ten years. We also examined, both vocal sound and verbal content of a conversation. The red flag did not have a strong effect and allow a person, whether or not attracted to someone in the first moments of accomplishment to decide.

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